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Many companies have already discovered that changing a supplier is not complicated and that significant electricity and gas expenses can be saved with such a change.

Our company will gladly assist you in this effort with the price of electricity or gas and with free of charge consultancy.

Additional benefits from cooperating with our company include the ability to purchase electricity from renewable resources as well as the ability to supply to premises in the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic while taking advantage of synergy effects.

In general, the more points of supply the better the price can be, so it is beneficial for several companies, clusters etc. to merge and buy jointly.

If you want us to create a proposal, please fill in the form (you can find the data necessary to fill in on your electricity invoice), or contact us directly via e-mail.

You can find the current electricity pricing in our  price list.

You can find the current gas pricing in our informative price list. If you want us to create a proposalor contact us directly via e-mail.

We handle the entire change process on your behalf; we only use the legal authorization you provide.

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Commercial Terms for power and gas consumers:

course of trade

course of trade gas

course of trade

course of trade gas

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Pricelist external solution - gas


The legislative environment in the Slovak Republic is defined by two fundamental laws:

  • Act No. 107/2007 Coll. of 7 February 2007, which modifies and supplements Act No. 276/2001 Coll. on Network Utility Regulation and on changes and amendments of certain acts as amended and on changes and amendments of certain acts, and
  • Act 656/2004 on the Energy Sector and on the changes of certain acts as amended (Act 112/2008) – modifies business provisions in the Energy Sector, market access, rights and duties of traders in the Energy Sector and government supervision activity over the business in Energy Sector.
  • Act 251/2012 on the Energy Sector and on the changes of certain acts.

The following refer to these fundamental acts:

  • Government Decree 317/2007, which establishes provisions on the regulation of the electricity market – conditions for a participant’s access and connection to the system, cross-border trading, electricity distribution, electricity delivery, support services and the assumption of responsibility for deviations.
  • Operating directive of the transmission network operator (SEPS a.s.).
  • Operating directives of the distributing network operators (ZSE-Distribúcia a.s., Stredoslovenská energetika-Distribúcia a.s., VSD a.s.).

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What are the fees for changing suppliers?
Every consumer has right to change its electricity/gas supplier according to the law and such a change is free of charge.
What are the fees for the new connection agreement?
Due to preregistration of older points of supply, the appropriate distribution network operator can request a new agreement for connecting such a point of supply. In this case connection fees are not charged as the stated process is only administrative, and we will fully assist you with that.
Is any change/replacement of physical equipment needed?
When changing suppliers there is no need to change technical equipment (wires, cables, electricity meters, gas meters etc.) as it is owned by the Distribution network operator while V-Elektra “rents” this equipment.
Who will be my communication partner?
For a Composite electricity/gas supply agreement, V-Elektra is the partner for all questions and issues regarding electricity/gas; for an Electricity/Gas supply agreement, it is best to contact distribution network operator directly. However, we are able to help you resolve your problems in this case as well. Authorized contacts are stated in the proposal and in the agreement, you can always refer to sales@v-elektra.com or plyn@v-elektra.com and we will contact you back.
What if you become bankrupt, do deliveries stop...?
In this case it is necessary to note that electricity/gas supply to the final consumer continues, i.e. there will be no cut-off or disconnection of the end consumer and the “supplier of the last instance” becomes the de-facto supplier, usually SSE, VSE, ZSE or SPP a.s. for gas, supplying electricity/gas for the price limited by URSO. The consumer is informed about this fact and can sign an agreement with a new supplier within 3 months. The consumer’s only risk is in deviation between the price stated in our agreement and the prices for which they buy electricity/gas from “the supplier of the last instance”, or from a new supplier.